Make a Racing Teapot

Instructions for making a Racing Teapot

Here are instructions for making a low priced racing teapot

The Warehouse here in NZ was selling these 4WD radio control cars that are very easy to make into a Racing Teapot, but cannot finds them any more on a recent search of their website

I think JayCar ( also sell some suitable vehicles.

You really want a 4WD version that is not too big or too fast. The rules here tell you the maximum dimensions of your final teaPot racer.

This 4WD radio control vehicle is well within the size limits for a Racing TeaPot (has to be within 400mm long x 300mm wide by 300mm tall).

This 4WD is about 260mm long and 160mm wide - well within the limits, but big enough to put a reasonable sized teapot on (or any other steampunk items).

It also has strong motors and travels at a relatively slow speed which makes it easier to control on the obstacle course.

You will need a small phillips-head screw driver and a hot glue gun

When you finish making it, enter this year's competition in Oamaru at the Steampunk NZ Festival

- Info and Rules here

Step 1: 

We need to remove the body first, so turn the 4WD upside down and unscrew the two screws marked in the photo...

Step 2: 

Unscrew the two screws on the other side also...

Step 3: 

Remove the body by putting the 4WD on its wheels and just pulling the body straight up and off

Step 4: 

You need to make a cover to protect the electronics and provide a flat area onto which you can mount your teapot (or whatever you are going to decorate your Racer with)

Cut some card from the packaging box that the 4WD came in and hot glued it to the vehicle - the card needs to be about 115mm long by 125mm wide so that it can be folded down each side and hot glued.

Hot glue the top on as per this photo...

Step 5: 

I wanted to be able to easily attach and remove my antique copper teapot onto the 4WD, so I used these very sticky Velcro pads (purchased from Bunnings) and stuck one on the top of the 4WD and one to the bottom of my teapot.

Step 6: 

The suspension on these radio controlled 4WDs works too well  - I usually hot glue the suspension springs to completely stiffen up the suspension - this 4WD Racing TeaPot will easily drive over all the course obstacles with the suspension glued up - it also makes the whole unit less likely to tip over.

Step 7: 

The finished Racing Teapot... you will need 7 AA batteries (four for the vehicle and three for the radio control unit)

I use the cheapest alkaline batteries purchased in those bulk packs from the supermarket or Bunnings and put a fresh set in just before entering the Teapot Racing.


Here is a  very short video showing how maneuverable this Racing Teapot is